Welcome to DataBank

Store, archive, publish and access your data from the web using Databank.

DataBank is a repository that will keep data safe in the long term.

You can use Databank to store, retrieve and publish data at any time, from anywhere on the web. You can accomplish these tasks using

  • The simple web interface of a hosted instance of Databank; as in this website you are viewing
  • Form another service, using the Databank API
  • Run your own instance of Databank

Using the web interface

To get started, read this document on the Databank wiki

You should be able to browse and search for all of the bibliographic information in this instance of Databank and where allowed, view the data packages.

A demo instance of databank is available at http://databank-demo.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/ where you will be to create data pacakges, upload files and manage users.

Using the Databank API

The API provides a restful web interface to all of Databank's features. Documentation on the API

Running your own instance of Databank

Databank is written in Python. The Databank code is licensed under MIT and can be checked out from https://github.com/dataflow/RDFDatabank

For instructions on installing Databank, follow this document

Get in touch with the developers of Databank